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Is it possible to create a glass dome with curtain wall like in Revit

Isaac Newton

Good time of the day, gentlemen


I need to create a glass dome like that:


By now, the best way I've found to do that, is by creating a single segment of that dome with the curtain wall, and then multiplying it around along the circle:


I wonder wether there is a way to create such dome as a single entity like in Revit. In Revin there are at least two ways to do that. One is to create a curtain wall along the face (the predetermined surface that can be created with any other tool), and another is simply to create a roof in the shape of the given dome, and then ascribe the so called glazed roof to it. The gazed roof is essentially the same as the curtain wall, but is only applicable to surfaces that are not perpendicular to the floor workplanes. The second option would be easier for this particular purpose.


I wonder whether it's possible to do the same in ArchiCAD, and if so, I ask you please to help me with that. 


Otherwise, if that is impossible, perhaps you could help me to fix some issues with the dome that I created the way I described above? As each segment is created from its own plane, the mullions are extruded stricly perpedicularly to that plane. As a result, the fissures are formed between each of the segments, and there is a sort of a hole in the appex of the dome:






Hello @Isaac Newton,


Your solution may be suitable. Do you try to use an object ?
What is the export scale of the graphic documents on which you wish to present this work ?
If it is natural to want to model as built, it is often counterproductive or even useless because it is almost invisible when printed.
Perhaps one of the solutions would be to model this dome via an object or a curtain wall and to perfect its representation with a more explicit 2D detail ?



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Isaac Newton

Hello @Christophe Fortineau ! Thank you! It is, indeed, perhaps not that significant. It's a dome with a diameter of about 5 metres in the building almost 60 to 40 metres large

Erwin Edel

If you delve deeply into the curtain wall too, you will keep finding more and more limitations (sadly).


I would recommend using a 0 thickness single plane roof (multiplied around in your circular pizza slices thing) as a sort of 3D drawing guide and from there on drafting this up with something like beams for the mullions and perhaps that same single plane roof for the glazing. It is easier to draw common mullion frames that way.


There is function for creating mitred joints with the curtain wall tool, but it hardly ever behaves the way you want.

Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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Hello, you could try with the old archiglazing add-on, if I remeber well is include in the Forward SSA bonus package (or at least should be for Archiclub SSA in Italy) 

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