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Library Part Maker - Custom Door Handles

Jeff Galbraith

The User Guide for Library Part Maker has a section that discusses making custom door handles and using a single line morph to establish the handle origin and orientation.  However it does not fully explain the process for creating the handles.  Has anyone done this before?  Below is the page I'm referring to:




This appears to be a different process than just modeling an object and saving it directly as a handle…as you don’t need LPM for that workflow, and you do not need the single line morph object depicted either.  


One of the key benefits of the LPM workflow for all object types is that it allows you to specify an origin point of an object.  This is a big benefit to the Design process since it allows you to switch back and forth between different options that share a similar origin point logic without having to reposition them each time to account for the unique dimensions and origin points of each object.  If you create an object without LPM or GDL then the software creates a default origin location that is usually at one of the edges or corners of the geometry...making it harder to swap them out seamlessly.  

I have created a custom handle morph object, and I can create the single line morph, but I don't know what to do next.  There is no description of how to save the handle object to gain this functionality.  The Library Part Maker Palette does not have a 'Handle' Option.
Any ideas?
Jeff G

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Jeff Galbraith

Any help out there?

Jeff G

Archicad 27 USA (full), Macbook Pro (16-inch 2023, M3 MAX, 128 GB RAM)
Erwin Edel

If find morph extrusions to be rather cumbersome. You generally want the center of the circle to follow the path and it is very hard to select that.


The library offers very simple objects that will also make these shapes (cilinders, elbows, etc). You can even convert them to morph afterwards, if you prefer to do that.

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Thanks Erwin, I also find morph extrusions to be cumbersome...hopefully some day Graphisoft will improve the tool.  However that's not the question I asked.  Do you now anything about the use of the single 3D line morph when creating custom door handles?

Jeff G

Archicad 27 USA (full), Macbook Pro (16-inch 2023, M3 MAX, 128 GB RAM)

By the desciption, it would allow you to model non-symetric handles in the incorrect orientation? As well as allowing easier comparison of handles with different origins?


Pretty sure when you use the "Save as Handle" option it assumes the lowest elevation, center of the object is the origin and that the right side is the edge of the door, which for most knobs and pull handles might be true, but for leavers and other non-symetrical would not be.


I have not used LMP, nor have I had to model any non-symetric door handles.




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Prompted by your recent post - if you didn't figure it out yet.

That is just for positioning of the handle. Draw a single morph line and assign it to Handles Internal/External. This makes it possible to choose different types of handles for object occurrences under their settings. There are a few predefined or you can choose custom objects saved as handles.