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MASS command

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I am working with the MASS command and the manual says
the "s" (status of edges) is "similar to the Prism_ statement".
Similar but not identical in my experience.
I have found that if you use the status value of -1 (an illegal value
for the PRISM_ statement) in the parameters for the ridge lines
you can hide the ridge lines.

I would like to hide all of the edges of the mass polygon (the mass perimeter).
I can get all polygon edges to hide except the first one using
the the status value of 8. This value works perfectly to hide
all the edges in the PRISM_ command but does not work for
the MASS command.
I have resorted to extending the edge that won't hide and then
cutting that edge off with a CUTPOLA command (very tacky).

Does anyone know how to hide all the edges of the mass polygon ?

Thank you,
Peter Devlin

David Collins
Peter wrote:
Does anyone know how to hide all the edges of the mass polygon ?
I also ran up against this a few months ago and came to the conclusion that the visibility of the top surface line of the MASS perimeter is non-negotiable. I've been mirroring MASSes to create symmetrical three dimensional mesh objects, but the zipper line down the middle is a killer.

Your CUTPOLYA solution is at least a workable cheap trick.
David Collins

Win10 64bit Intel i7 6700 3.40 Ghz 32 Gb RAM

GeForce RTX 3070
AC 27.0 (4001 INT FULL)

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Hello David,
Thank you for replying.
The MASS command I am working with has a hole in it made
with the -1 syntax. If I eliminate the hole all edges can be
hidden in the expected way using the status value 8.
In my case I used CUTPOLYA to cut the hole I needed instead
of the -1 method.
I too use the MASS command to make symmetrical objects and
In versions prior to AC 8 one could set up a CUTPOLYA command
exactly at the coordinates of a surface of an object and hide all
edges laying at that surface. But in AC 8 and above one must
extend the the surface some amount and then cut it with
CUTPOLYA to hide the edges. Why GS changed this is a mystery to me.
In the case of my MASS, before I discovered the issue concerning
holes, this method of extending an edge did not work well when
certain angle parameters values approached zero or ninety degrees.
Again, thanks for replying,
Peter Devlin

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