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Merging part of several walls



I want to make a door that goes through several walls, but as I have understood, it isn't possible. Therefore I would like to merge the walls together, but just a part of the wall because there is a height difference in the wall that makes the merging of the entire wall not an option. Is there any way to merge just an area of the walls, and not the entire length of the wall or any other way to make a door that can go through several walls? 

ps: I have tried making a whole in the wall using the opening tool, but the opening is not showing in 3D, which is a problem. 




Eduardo Rolon

One procedure is to place the Door in one wall then use the opening tool to create the opening on the other walls.

If the opening is not showing in 3D you need to check either the heigh of the opening or the elevation.


Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 5.17.48 PM.png

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Barry Kelly

If you don't want the entire length, then you can split the wall on each side of the door and then just merge the walls where the door is.


Otherwise the opening should show in 3D.

Check the height it is placed at as Eduardo suggested.



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