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Missing Library - office standard library on file server.

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We've been doing this way for years an have never had this issue before so I'm wondering if something changed in the way AC deals with libraries..

We keep the standard archicad libraries and migration libraries up to date on each work station with archicad.
However we keep one copy of the company library that hold custom stuff or some older downloaded library parts on our file server which is also where we store solo projects and project files. Everyone in the office logs into the file server under their own user.. They also link to the company library on the file server through library manager..

This is working fine until another user opens the file.. As it loads the file manager lists the company library as missing. I've noticed that the user info (file server user name) is included in the location string of the missing library.. So this I think is the problem. The location of the saved company library appears to be different because the user is different..

Any thoughts on this? I don't see any options in how we link to the libraries taht might help..

Karl Ottenstein
This isn't an ARCHICAD issue, but something must have changed in the way your file server and/or network access to it is set up? Perhaps even a Mojave specific issue if you've not changed anything else? For each user's own name to be part of the path to exactly the same file(s), I assume that there is a soft link somewhere in the user space on the server to the shared folder(s). Not what you want, as you're seeing. There should be a common public/shared path to the shared library (etc) that involves no user names. Or, if a user name (login) is required for the server (not uses MacOS server - but peer to peer to another Mac) - it should be a dummy user that everyone uses to log in for access to the shared space. As far as I know, anyway. 😉
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