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Missing Zone Stamp

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Every time I open up a project and load the libraries I get the a missing "Zone Stamp" - "Zone Identifier 2" message on the loaded library report. I can't seem to find the sucker, but I suspect it is because I moved the location of the library and missed it. Searching the AC10 folder hasn't helped
Laura Yanoviak
This is a "known bug" -- ignore it.
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Mo wrote:
Every time
Hmm, if it's the bug it shouldn't happen every time. The bug is that when you open a project, it may report that a zone stamp which was in use in the previously open project is missing, though it isn't. If you save, close, and reopen the project, the report isn't repeated. It's very old and well "known", at least to users.

If it's happening every time, you should make sure it really isn't missing: Options -> Element Attributes -> Zone Categories. If any of the categories say MISSING, switch it to a loaded stamp.

Or it's the bug.
James Murray

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