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Objects for the Accesories - technical manual

I am trying to make a gdl object that will work with the Accesories addons and I could not find any manual that would giude me through whay data is inseted by the addon - and how the particular Accessory objects work. I am trying to alanyze one of the Slab accessories objects - with no luck yet (it is more like "trial&error" technique)

So is there Any GDL manual for the Accesories addons objects?

There must be one as there are some custom solutions using this concept.

Best Regards, hoping someone can help,

Piotr Dobrowolski

It would be really nice, but I've never seen one.

Like many things GDL, the only way available is to look at the objects GS gives us and figure out how they work.
Tom Waltz

That is a real shame that such documentation does not exist...
a lot of elegant proprietary solutions can be made using the Accessories addons...without the need of creating new addons...
I have 2 ideas of usefull things that can be made with them...

Best Regards,

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