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Replacing multiple instances of an object without losing parameters

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I've recently made an altered version of one of the standard archicad roofmaker addon tool's rafter objects. The add-on always places 'Rafter RM 22' in the correct locations, but I want to swap every instance out with my new rafter object.

I know you can cmd+alt click in the object settings palette to change objects while retaining parameters, but is there a way to do this en-masse?

Either that, or there may be a way to change the roofmaker tool's chosen objects to use - somewhere in its code perhaps?

If you replace default library of roofmaker with your elements (that use same GUID, subtype and parameters) - roof maker will pick up your elements instead of original - just because for the program they will look the same.

There is no place where you can change library use for roofmaker. This Add-on is written in C++ and compiled after - so there is no access to program code, because it is binary file.

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