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Sliding Door Not visible in 3D View


Does anyone have a solution for sliding door panels that do not appear in 3D with Archicad 23? My settings are set to full resolution in 3D view and the door opening toggle is set to 0mm. The sliding panel does not appear in elevations either, only the fixed panel. Images attached to illustrate. Has anyone else experienced this bug? A solution would be greatly appreciated! 


Hello @Tim23,


Dis you try to select this door from a plan and after a right clic select "show selection in 3D" ?
If you see a door from a 2D level plan that means this door is linked with this level but it does not mean this door is physically into this level. Perhaps this door is far away ?

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Though Chris, OP seems to only have an issue with PART of the door disppearing... which is really weird... reminds me of the custom panel bug...

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Erwin Edel

Check the model view options to see if the 3D detail is also set to full.


As Lingwisyer pointed out: are you perhaps using a custom panel?

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Check if your project if located far from the origin...

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Hi Christophe, thanks for your reply. The door element is showing in plan, elevation, section, 3D etc correctly. I am just missing the active leave. Even the non sliding panel is visible as you can see in the 3d screenshot. Is it possible the active leaf could be offset or located outside the door frame?

Hi Erwin, thanks for your reply. The 3D detail is set to full. I'm not using a custom panel but that has made me think that perhaps the standard door panel has corrupted or gone missing in my model?

Hi DGSketcher, thanks for your reply. My model is only 23 metres from the origin so I'm not sure if this would have an effect on the door element. 

Hi Erwin, I've added a screenshot of the Door Selection Settings. I've got the default 'No grid' door panel selected and have 3D set to full. What's interesting is the door symbol shows correctly in the plan view in the upper right hand display box, but the elevation and 3d buttons give the message 'invalid 3d symbol. Open the library part for editing and check its 3D script for errors." I have attached a screen shot to illustrate. 


Do you get a Report when you open the 3D window? If so, what does it say? If there are already a lot of things listed, you can select it all and delete it, then refresh the 3D window.





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