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Stairmaker - suggestion in form of a programmed gdl-stair

I developt a straight gdl-stair with graphical interactive hotspots for the hole hight and more... as suggestion for the Archicad-developers for a new stairmaker in Archicad 22 - 27ff d;-)

It calculates the "riser" and "going" with the simple formular:

going = (length_of_normal_step)-2*riser

- interactive by altering the hight in 3d.

(Usually length_of_normal_step=63cm in Austria)

You can grab and handle every single step (the mousecurser finds it...)

in 3D You can read the calculated terms directly - or turn that off at end.

You can handel the thickness of the stairbody to the connection-Points down and upstairs directly in 3D

You can lengthen the "lander" directly in 3D

The sound-reducer can be shown.

You can visually controll the clear hight over the stairs as 3D-line graphics

in 2D - You can blend-in-ot the Hights down and upstairs.

The 1m-cut above the 0-Level is sensitive to the hight of the object-placement.

The object is level-sensitive. In the level inserted, it shows the stair up to 1m and then the hatch, than with broken lines the rest.

In the level over the insertion it shows all as full lines.

You can try it free here, but it is in german.

If you show me yout interest, i translate the most terms to english..

The same to the Video-introduction (german)below:
AC5.5-AC26EduAut, PC-Win10, MacbookAirM1, MacbookM1Max, Win-I7+Nvidia

Nice object!

Are You planning to add a finish layer?
I mean the 1-2 cm thick finish over the reinf. concrete structure?

I noticed that the plan was object for the prefabricated stairs, but it would be nice if the on site made concrete stairs were supported?

The single line balustrade would be nice too - that would be a good thing for permit stage design.

If You plan making the stair object international - the description must be configurable (like the stairs in INT library)

Nice thing would be a description in section (of course can be done via label as well)

One more thing: The section line - it would be nice if the diagonal option was possible as well as the current perpendicular to the stair line.

As for the translation - It can be easier if done inside UI not parameters list > the language can be switchable (online) much easier way.
If the parameters list was to be multilingual - the parameters number is multiplied by the no of languages factor unfortunately
(I could help You with the UI if You needed)

Best Regards,

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