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Storefront Doors and Thresholds/Sills


Working my way through my door schedule and I've hit a snag that I can't seem to find an answer or solution for.

I used the Archicad 25 default storefront double door to create a storefront door with the code compliant thicker bottom rail. However, this is also an exterior door and I wanted to indicate in the door schedule and in elevation/3D that it will require a sill or threshold. The way I have the door schedule set up is that it automatically pulls the doors sill/threshold status from the Library Part Parameters, but it seems that the library default storefront doors do not have the ability to have sills or thresholds? 

storefront door.JPG
I checked this vs the Archicad default D2 Metal Doors and those have the ability to have a sill or threshold (but not the ability to adjust the lower rail height on a full lite door without using custom door slabs).


mtl door.JPG

Is there something I am missing for sills and thresholds for storefront doors or is this an arbitrary limitation caused by however Archicad set up their metal doors vs their storefront doors? How do you show thresholds/sills on exterior storefront doors?


ArchiCAD 23, 25
Windows 10
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