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Undocumented GDL

Frank Beister
I have discovered a new, undocumented feature of GDL from AC9 on:

You can assign to ROOM_NAME and ROOM_NUMBER in zone stamps a value list, which is accessable in the settings dialog and the Info palette.

This is new beside the possibility to preset values for A,B and ZZYZX, which was possible before.

Does anyone know of any other GLOBALs or LOCALs, which can be extended in this way? GLOB_ID seems not to be able to show a value list. (Is ignored in AC 8.x and stops script in AC9)
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Yes, I have noticed this not long ago myself, and I think it is a great addition, but I did not look further into exactly where it is available.
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Joachim Suehlo
Frank, very interesting for me is the ROOM_NAME, which could save me a lot of writing, because I often use the same names.
Other VALUES i found below, where it works too.

VALUES "ROOM_NAME" "Wohnen", "Essen", "Küche", custom
VALUES "ROOM_NUMBER" "1","2","3",custom
VALUES "ROOM_HEIGHT" 2.5,2.625,2.75,custom
VALUES "ROOM_BASELEV" 0,0.1,0.2,custom
VALUES "ROOM_FL_THICK" 0,0.1,0.2,custom
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Frank Beister
Yes it's a great addition. Would be nice, if GS would document such things in new features in GDL as well. No good feeling to solve things with complicated constructions, if there might sleep a smart, but undiscovered solution. How often have I missed this feature. I tried this in earlier years with older ACs. Don't know, what made my try it again.

Thanks for checking out. I will keep this information alive. It's exactly, what I was looking for. I have added an algorithm for the room_number, which analyzes the existing number and offers a list of numbers in its neighbourhood. Renumbering is so much easier than the slow changing to the interactive shedule.
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