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Undocumented UI Function

Joachim Suehlo
An undocumented Function of the User Interface allows UI_INFIELDs and UI_OUTFIELDs and UI_PICTUREs and others in a wider field then the documented width of 466 pixels.
See the screenshot below and the script:

ui_dialog "TEST OBJEKT"

UI_GROUPBOX "Test", 0,0,444,266

UI_GROUPBOX "Test 2", 450,0,242,266

UI_PICT "pix_red.gif", 0,20,740,20

UI_OUTFIELD "Die Fülle neuer DIN-Normen und anderer Regeln ist kaum zu überschauen. Um immer auf dem neuesten Stand zu sein, müssen Sie viel Zeit und Geld in die Beschaffung, Verwaltung und Auswertung stecken. ", 466,48,200,200

UI_INFIELD "A", 20,150,800,20

Joachim Suehlo . AC12-27 . MAC OSX 13.5 . WIN11
GDL object creation:
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I assume this is an effect of the new feature of variable width in the settings side (as opposed to the browser side) of the dialog box. The docs often do not keep up with the new features. It's good news. Thanks for the info.
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Hey I didn't even know the UI_Output would wrap text!

Oh dear,
I have just written a section on the UI for the Cookbook, I shall have to modify it considerably.

By the way, a friend from New Zealand, Campbell Yule, who i declare world champion in GDL at the moment, showed me a trick at ACUWest for drawing black line on whte dynamic drawings in the UI - brilliant trick!
(using UI_PICT).
He also showed me that if you set the dialog to 444 wide, and then pushed a valuelist to beyond 444, you could truncate off the scroll bar. I havent tried this yet. I will have to now!
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It seems there is a limit.
UI_INFIELD "A", 0,150,448,20
I can select the parameter,
UI_INFIELD "A", 0,150,449,20
It is impossible.

Don't know if it is the same for PC

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