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Levente Filetoth
Dear Archi-Talkers,

I guess I am preaching to the choir when saying that GDL is one of the core assets of ArchiCAD. To provide support for great GDL content to get created we launched with ArchiCAD 16. In order to give some boost to the interest for the topic we decided to help deliver some long wished GDL objects that no-one has created as of yet.

Here we call upon a little contest: share your wish for an object that you cannot find in the standard ArchiCAD library and we will see to it that some of them get programmed and shared with all of you through the portal.

The rules are very simple, just make a post with a concise description of what you think could be solved with the help of GDL and your award is that if your idea turns out to be interesting enough it will be programed by a professional GDL developer.

Please give us your ideas and let's see if we can create some extra value to the ArchiCAD community with the help of GDL.

Disclaimer: This promotional activity's goal is to find objects that are over the line of standard object development project, hence will never make it to the standard ArchiCAD library. Please use this thread to provide your input to this specific topic and please avoid raising issues related to the development of the standard ArchiCAD object libraries and/or to the development of the GDL technology in general. Thank you for your understanding.
Levente Filetoth
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This is a wish with a twist

rather than engineer 'fancy new parts' how about creating a different mode for the object dialog, so that I can browse folders of library parts - that are not 'loaded'?

Reason? Any teamwork file can only use Server based libraries. Adding huge folders of parts where only a few are used is a nightmare when users want to connect remotely, and must first download a massive library.
Just like in 16 we can now browse online parts - how about being able to browse other folders? Then we could add & embed what we need on the fly and have far reduced library file sizes!
Karl Ottenstein
Just to clarify folks:

This topic is about GDL objects only... Things that can be uploaded to the new bimcomponents web site.

This thread is not about new functionality, whether in the base program (dialog behavior) or add-ons (roofmaker).

Please wish for those other things in the appropriate Wish forums. 🙂

Karl with moderator hat on
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Daniel wrote:
I have some dogs from 2005, ancient by today's standards but are not bad! A boxer in various poses, Dachshund, Greyhound, poodle and two naughty doggies 😉 You are welcome to them, you can contact me throught
Love it! Thanks.
For vizualisation puposes : Parametric falling leaves that could be randomly spread on a surface.. ( with different orientation , curvature, size...etc)
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I'd like a better grab bar too, ideally one that can be continuous at the inside corners of a shower like ADA requires.

But you can make a decent version using complex profiles and the wall tool. Just a simple 1.25" diameter profile, and then fillet the corners to get a radius. JPEG attached. Only trouble is it won't allow the reference line to be at the center, so the fillets are a bit tricky if the radius is too large.

grab bar.jpg
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Erika Epstein
I would like round skylights to have a round flange option.
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From a post on LinkedIn:

more classical style column choices like corinthian. More railing styles and real balusters.

Add a length and width function to area identifiers. More flexibility working with level markers. a real desk furniture object. make the fireplace insert into a wall like a door or window. a few more electric symbols and annotation items would be nice. A ladder would be nice. patio furniture. some real shrub models and bushes for landscaping. Just a few off the top of my head.
Jared Banks, AIA
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how about a set of simple 2d parts to help with section elevations that are
adjustable to do the little things that archicad cannot do -- like the attatched ?
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How about a modular staircase?

Best regards, Ede
Stress Co_
jbArch wrote:
I'd like a better grab bar too, ideally one that can be continuous at the inside corners of a shower like ADA requires.
I'd like a parametric shower object that would allow the ability to define:
- ADA grab bars
- Tile layout
- Drain location
- Shower head location
- Faucet location
- Tile surrounds
- Glass surrounds
- Glass door
- Bench
- Curb height
- etc.
Marc Corney, Architect
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