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Zone Stamp scale threshold change

Scott Newland
I would like to somehow change the ArchiCAD 18 Zone Stamp so that the scale sensitivity is different. Instead of the 1:50 scale limit, I would like to make this 1:30 or 1:32 so that a stamp that appears on a drawing at ¼" to a foot is different than the same stamp that appears on a ½" scale drawing. My guess is that this involves opening the object and changing the parameters. Is there a procedure to do this?
Scott J. Newland, AIA
ArchiCAD 25
iMac running OS 11.5

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Hy Scott,
the 1:50 scale limit is coded and can't be changed without changing the code.
In few words you have to:
1- duplicate "Zone_stamp 18" and "Zone_stammp_macro" with save as, let's say "My stamp" and "My stamp macro".

2-Enter gdl code, master script, of My stamp and change:

call "Zone_stamp_macro" parameters all gs_iDisplayStandards = gs_iDisplayStandards


call "My stamp macro" parameters all gs_iDisplayStandards = gs_iDisplayStandards

3-In My stamp macro go to master script and change:

if GLOB_SCALE < 50 + eps then _iScale = SCALE_50


if GLOB_SCALE < 32 + eps then _iScale = SCALE_50

4-In My stamp macro go to master script and change:

dim stDisplayScale[3]
stDisplayScale[1] = `1:50`


dim stDisplayScale[3]
stDisplayScale[1] = `1:32`

I think that will get the work done.

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