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auto updating standard odd-shap morph elements

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How to auto update many standard odd-shape elements (same as ACAD block)

I have hundreds of standard odd-shap morph elements, which need to be auto updated (as ACAD block),
- "libray object" may achieve this but it is difficult to be snapped to be positioned around, so not prefereable,
- "profile" not suitable in this case because the elements has be morphed with subtract or union on two directions.

So any way can achieve to upto update ?


If the center of the group is in line with the column below, could you just add a node to your beam overhead that you could snap an objects default hotspots to in plan? So you would place and orient the object in plan using a node on the beam it supports. You can then modify it's height be snapping the bottom hotspots to the bottom of the beam then moving it down, or top up.


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Barry Kelly
If you have hundreds of instances (all the same) that you want to update in one go, then you will probably want to look at using modules.
It won't help much now if you have already placed all of these elements, unless you replace them with the module.
But once you use modules, you can update the original module file and you will have the option to update each placed instance.

Properly scripted objects will give you more flexibility, as each one can have different settings if you set up the parameters properly.
Otherwise if it is a non-parametric object, you have to modify and save the original object (don not 'save as', as that will become a new object and break the connection).
The all instances of that placed object will update automatically.
You can add hotspots to objects to allow for easier placement in both 2D and 3D.
But when you start getting into objects, you really need to know a little scripting at a minimum.


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OK I will study hotspot and module,
Thanks Ling and Barry

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