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flipping awning and fixed portions of window

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I have a fixed window with an awning from the AC 17 library, is there a way to flip the fixed light and the awning? it has the awning on the top portion of the window and the fixed in the lower, i need it the other way round and can't seem to figure out how to do it. as far as i can see there are no objects like this in the library.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 12.09.41 PM.png

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As far as I know the standard window library can do it for you (see attached image), other window types can be even more versatile if you try with the setting

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Thanks Giang, i'm using AC17 with the 17 library, but i don;t have a "basic window" folder in my library. in fact, my library is slightly different than yours. i just don't have the options you show. i'm also on a Mac, but that shouldn't make a difference. you shoe all the options that i would expect, but i don't have them. i think i'm going to make a call.
thanks Giang

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looks like there are two libraries, international and north america. and for some reason the north american library has been dumbed down.

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Have a check in the model view options mate!
There is (in the Aus version of the lib) a section called Options For GDL Objects.
In the bottom right corner just above the Cancel & OK buttons is
Line Orientations (in the Show Opening Lines in 3D projections)
Just check that isn't set to the Hinges option.

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thanks, but that isn't the issue. in canada we use the hinge location as it's set-up now. what i need is to be able to put the whole awning portion on the top of the window. according to Graphisoft, this option is only available in the international lib.

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Ahhhh sorry mate!
I completely misread that!!

Do you have the Variable Window 17 at all?

David Maudlin

Try a search via the Window Settings, the Window 17 should show up.

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Is there a way of doing this in Archicad 25?

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Which library are you on? If you're on the INT, or one of the libraries based on it, you can do as in the first reply or go to the "Opening Type and Angle..." page in the object and set the lower sash to to operable and the top to fixed.



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