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obj visible on multiple stories with unique 2d sym on each?

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It is possible to make an object that is visible on more than one story and shows different 2d-symbols on each story.
If yes, how?

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yes it is, check page 228 in GDL reference guide, it was several years ago I used this, but something like :

IF [global_parametername] = homestory THEN

ELSE IF [global_parametername] = onestoryup THEN


My script above isn't true GDL, just how you should think. (if MATHA stands for Mats Ha..., then you have one of those objects in you collection)

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Look at the description of the global variable GLOB_CH_STORY_DIST.
Use this in a conditional as TurboGlider says to control how the symbol
is displayed on different stories. Remember to set the "show on stories"
to show on the stories you want the object to appear on in the object's
settings dialog .
Peter Devlin

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