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"Assemblies" of objects

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Hi everyone,

I'm doing interior shop plans (the architecture part) and my co-worker is building the units we use in the shops in Auto desk Inventor.

Auto desk inventor works as follow.
1.) You build all your separate components of a specific unit and save them each separately.
2.) Then you assemble them into your final unit eg. (4 legs and table top put together make the table) (4 metal posts and 6 metal shelves with bolts and nuts put together make the racking unit)
3.) All the parts of the table and racking unit are all saved separately in one folder but can be inserted into a plan by inserting the assembled object so you don't have to assemble the whole unit again.
4.) When for example. the "leg" object is edited, when you insert the "table" it is already updater with the edited leg.

My question is: Lets say I build a "wooden leg"(100x100x750mm) and a "table top"(900x900x38mm) to combine into a table (all GDL files). Now i want to save them assembled as "table 900x900x750" so when i do the plan I can just go to my library, select the table and insert/place. BUT, when I edit the "wooden leg"(100x100x750mm) it must automatically update in the assembled object file.

Why I want to do that is because there are many parts/objects that are used in many other objects so when i edit the separate part it must change it everywhere it was used.

Does that make sense?

Eduardo Rolon
My workflow for that would be to assemble each item in one AC file and then save as module (or insert as module if it works better) and place on the other architectural file. with this you can control the whole module or its parts if needed.
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Ejrolon's suggestion of assembling your object in a module, rather than saving it as a hole as a .gsm would be the easiest way to achieve your outcome. If for some reason, that is not a viable option, you will have to script Calls within the assembled object for each of your object parts.


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Thanks guys,

I think i'm gonna try the module route.

Much appreciated 😉

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