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CodeMeter Error Reporting

Gabor Almasi

In case of having problems with your CodeMeter software protection first check the error code Archicad gives here. If you could not find the solution there, please contact your reseller with a detailed description of the error and attach the following details:

CmDust log

Using CmDust you can create detailed logs including the driver's settings and information about the connected keys. To create a log please run the following command:

  • On macOS: Open Terminal, type the following command and hit Enter
cmu --cmdust > ~/CmDust.log
  • On Windows: navigate to Start > All Programs > Codemeter, then run the script CmDust

On both platforms, a file named CmDust.log or CmDust-Result.log will be created in the userhome folder.

  • Windows: C:\Users\<username>
  • macOS: Macintosh HD/Users/<username>

Java console

If you are facing with an error during CodeMeter upgrade, please collect the content of your Java console. How to enable and open Java console at Java website Read more about this in the RemoteKeyUpgrade article


It is possible to save the content of a CodeMeter key into a single file. If our Technical Support Engineers ask you to do so, please follow these steps:

  • Plug the CodeMeter key
  • Start CodeMeter Control Center
  • Select the key
  • Select License Update
  • On the pop-up window select Continue
  • Select 'Create receipt' option then click Continue
  • On the next page leave Graphisoft Firm Item selected then click Continue
  • Select the location of the WibuCmRaC file then save it.

The result will be a file called 2-XXXXXXX.WibuCmRaC (where 2-XXXXXXX is the number of your key) on the selected location.

License Manager Tool Logs

You can find the location of the License Manager Tool logs in the regarding article.

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