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2d symbol for Archicad's native objects




I'm having a problem with self made 2d representation of Archicad built-in 3d objects.

What i am trying to achieve is to add for example a dashed centerline let's say for archicads native library chair object in plan view,.



To do so, i chose this method - exploded 3d chair in plan view, drew a centerline on top, saved as 2d new object, copied 2d script from it, and pasted into the 2d script of original 3d chair.

What i got in the result is streched 2d representation because of different boundary size, i guess and no dashed line for my centerline :




Is it possible somehow not to relate bounding box of 2d preview to my drawn centerline, so the hotspots would relate only to chair symbol? And make centerline prefferably dashed, too?


I also tried method simply to paste lines in "2D Symbol" in gdl editor field and deleted script, but this way my 3d chair object disapeared from plan alltogether. Don't know why it is, couse with gdl objects wich i saved from model by myself this method works fine - 2d representation is visible.


Can anyone help me with this? - why i am not able to modify original Archicad's object's 2d symbols, and 

how to exclude some lines from script so they are not participating in streching?


Thx a lot if someone is making effort to understand what i am trying to do and help! 🙂





in the 2d script, you need to add the following line


line2 A/2, 0, A/2, B


you will need to add distance to the 0 or the B to have the lines go farther.


if you want to set the line type or the pen then there is a little bit more.

Jan Vlach

Other thing you can do, if you dont feel comfortable with scripting at all, is to command+shift+o and open the part in editor. Now the most important step: Save copy.  With that done, go to 2D view, hit command+c, then go to 2D symbol, hit command+v here you can draw the line as you wish. Also if you add a point to the line, you should get a black hotspot there. After that head to the 2D script, select all and delete it. This will tell Archicad to use the drawn symbol instead.


However this approach results in "dumb" 2d representation that stechtches uniformly - e.g. if used on a bath tub for example, you end up with symbol that if higher than original dimension is applied will end up looking ugly. But could be useful for that chair of yours.

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I think i found solution why object 2d disappears from plan view for native Archicad objects if i copy and paste 2d drawing in 2d symbol field and delete 2d script.

Instead of deleting script there should be added script line -


fragment2 all, 0


This tells as i understand to use 2d symbol instead of the script.


Interesting that this script line is not needed for self made library objects, for them script deleting works.


Everything is fine now, with hotspots where i need them!

Keen into learning some basic gdl scripting now 🙂



I encourage you to look into it. Even with a very basic knowledge of GDL you can make very usefull little objects or tweak existing one. Understanding how GDL works will also help you imensely if you decide to try and play with Param-o.

From Archicad 8.5 all the way to the present.
Passionate Autocad hater as well.
Wish to save palets and menus individualy in work enviroments:

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