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AC 13 to AC 26


Hi all,

I was a AC user (architect) from ver. 9 to 13. I went into affordable housing development after that and retired a few years ago. However, my wife and I have just purchased property to build a house and will use AC 26 to design. Back in 13 I had purchased a custom library (Seattle) and was using Archisite, Door and Window Maker, Cabinet Maker, Artlantis, and so forth. Other than Artlantis, the other add-ons seem to be gone. Any suggestions as to what I may need to design a new house on a somewhat rolling lot! TIA




Modelling and documenting a house in AC26, you really shouldn't need any additional tools on top of what you get OOTB. The software has developed quite a bit in the last 13 years. 🙂 


That being said if there is a level of complexity in the design, you may need some additional tools to get you across the line.

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Steve Campbell

ArchiSite - I think they're out of business

Door and Window Maker, Cabinet Maker - If you mean the DoorBuilder, WindowBuilder and CabinetBuilder objects that used to be sold by Theometric then CadImage, they're now owned and distributed by Central Innovation


ArchiTerra is now distributed by Eptar


With TwinMotion and other real time rendering applications, there is little need of Artlantis... your mileage may differ 🙂

Etc... like @Nathan Hildebrandt said, it has been a long and eventful 13 years or so... 🙂


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Thank you all for your replies and helpful suggestions!