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AC 23, How to save module files (.MOD)

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I'm new to AC23 and can't figure out how to do this action, which I use quite a lot. I used to just copy what I want to the clipboard and File > Save As and indicate module file (.MOD). It's not there as an option.
The only other area that I could find that might make sense, it's also not under File > Library and Objects > Save Selection As...

I'm just moving assorted clusters of information from older project files to current ones, .mod files through the merge command. Nothing fancy, how is this now executed in AC23?

Thanks in advance if anyone can answer this question...

McMurtrie - the options seems to be there for me (under Save As).
Make sure you are saving from plan view ... ie. not 3D. That may be the issue?
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Barry Kelly
Are you using a custom Work Environment that does not have theses commands in the menus?
Try switching to the 'Standard' Work Environment.


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Thanks, Barry and jakubc7.

No luck, I probably was using a custom Work Environment but switching over to Standard Work Environment still didn't solve the issue.

Barry, I could always save a copy-paste element(s) and save out to a .MOD file using any window. I'd often build more complex objects in 3D, rotating the assembly using views to complete the object and then, eventually, save as an object file. I know I used the merge function in the past as part of this process but I wasn't doing that when I posted the question. I was mostly just copy-pasting details from one file to transfer to another file.

I'll open a new file with default settings and see if I can do it from there....

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Would somebody mind taking the time to show me a screen shot of the saving of a .MOD file? Seems silly, but I still don't get why I don't have this ability on my side. I'm pretty sure it's not me!

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Here it is.
Just drag and drop to any Tool bar of your choice and save it to your current environment.
Hope that helps.

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And if you just want to save the file as .mod...

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Awesome, Paolo. I didn't consider that I'd have to add it through customization as it had always been available as a standard (see attached). Nice advice, I'll use that moving forward. Much appreciated, I assume that will work for me.

Hello McMurtrie,

You are able to create a module by a plan view into a publication too.
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