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AC25 coordinates errors


I'm having the worst day since I switched to AC25.

I would like to mention that in AC23 the coordinates and survey point worked perfectly.

Now, the coordinates are giving me headaches. 


I have placed the survey point in the location of the real Topo station and the E/N coordinates are shown correctly as measured on site.


When I try to put the coordinates object, it's all wrong for all three options I choose:

1. ref. to project origin. Absolutely wrong, it shows like the project origin is somewhere in the project, not the 0,0 X/Y location

2. ref. to survey point is correct, but it doesn't show the full Easting/Northing coordinates like the survey point, just a distance from the survey point, which is useless for me.

3. ref. to custom origin it shows negative coordinates and with an error of numbers, if I place the origin on the survey point.


I have attached a screenshot with each situation.


Please help, what is wrong with this tool in AC25? The project has to move to construction phase, and I must get to a solution to have the correct coordinates in the Topo format X: 000.000.000 / Y: 000.000.000


Thank you very much.




I don't think you can add an offset to the survey point in 25, it always sets the real world 0; 0, so to make it work the coordinates it shows have to actually be a negative of what you want your project origin to be.

For example: I have a fix point at 7820E and 345740N and want my project to lie at ca 15E and 1N from this point. so I:

1. Set correct north

2. Position my Survey point to my fixed point

3. Add (substract) the coordinates of the fixed point in the Project settings:



This way my seurvey coordinates object shows the correct coordinates


And my dwg and ifc export is correct. Please someone correct me if there is a simpler way.

(you might notice that my x and y are switched, that's because we use the Gauß-Krüger-Koordinatensystem)


Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni



Thank you very much for the discussion on this topic!


jan_filipec's workflow is absolutely correct. The new Survey Point in Archicad 25 will require some changes in the workflow. The main idea is to model the project close to the origin, and move the Survey Point to the position according to the required coordinates for the project. 


Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the Survey Point in Archicad 25. Thank you very much!


Best regards,


Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

Thank you Minh and Jan-Filipe.

It's a bit confusing now adapting to the new tool. I'll try and see if I can do it like this, although it's tough to move an entire huge project (1GB) now closer to the origin. 


We have  problem about Coordinate tool. We placed our land and project according to the Map engineer documents World coordinates. We moved our Survey Point close to the Building and the Land. We set the survey points location as described above solution already.



We gave the Coordinates of somethings and property Boundary lines with Coordinate dimensions 25 object. It shows them According to the Project Orgin. Everything was good. It gives corrects coordinates.





This projects was on BIMcloud in our server. After a while there was an error on the model. Our colleague save the project in his computer and reload as a new Teamwork. We work on it with other views. Today when we checked the Coordinates had been changed. It doesn't show the World Coordinates. It gives like below.


something has been changed but We couldn't find the difference. All Location setting s are same. We tried to set User origin , It doesn't effect.

How can we solve this?


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