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Additional Levels (besides only stories)


Wouldn’g be great to introduce levels in Archicad (like in Revit). Now, Walls, Floors, Columns, etc. only have the story levels as bottem and top connector. I’d like to have additional levels to where I can connect object to. For instance: wall top ends. Instead of an offset from a story I’d like to be able to attach it to a level, so when the offset needs to be adjusted I can change the level height and in the whole project all attatched walls stretch. This instead of using find and select and individually stretch walls etc.



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Hi, I think the problem itself which is adjusting the height for all walls related to the same level can be done as you said by find and select then adjust them once floor by floor but if you need to adjust all walls in the whole project then use complex profiled walls it will be definitely effective and it let you adjust all or one by one via custom offset modifier, I don’t agree with you in adding new levels cus I see ceiling and flooring may vary from space to other.

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Vectorworks has something like that, that could be quite useful. For Finished Floor Level, Ceiling level for fixtures.



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Even ArchLine software has the same but I see when you come to a building which has a special topography where I don’t ave a unified ceiling level or flooring level how could it be useful for me?? Just wonder.

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It's not just for floor slabs and floor lines, but those additional custom Elevation/storey lines could be used to signify other information we typically show in Elevations and Sections with the storey level lines.


Like 'Top of Window', ...'Underside of ceiling' ,....'Floor finish level,......'railing height',.....'parapet height',.....'Roof peak' (or 'median peak height'),....just to name a few.


I don't want to have to create new (ghost) storeys for each of these whenever I need to show them on the Elevation line settings, and I likewise would rather not have to resort to the (clunky) workaround of using non-linked, non-parametric dumb 2D lines in each elevation view that have to be updated manually rather than in one place as per the storey settings dialog as it should be.


And it would be great if they could be parametricized and linkable with tool objects that have height or elevation settings.

So for example, you add a 'Top of Window' custom floor line, and then in the Window and door settings, it allows you to set the header height for both (or either) to the custom 'Top of Window' line, which itself maintains the set height setting to its home storey floor so that if you adjust your storey heights, your 'Top of window' line updates accordingly as do any doors and windows linked to it.


Additionally, they could also be view-dependent - so that you could set (to keep with the same example), the 'Top of Window' line show up in Elevations views only, but not in Section views,....or maybe just in some selected elevation views and not others


This is a no-brainer feature that should have been implemented years ago if Graphisoft were ever listening to their users.

As others above have shown, other programs already have this implemented in some way or another - even 'lesser' programs than Archicad that usually take their cues from Archicad rather than vice versa.


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