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Archicad 25 - spline tool errors



one of the reasons why I use Archicad is for designing furniture and I use for it a "spline tool" - natural method.

Although I appreciate there is a new tool, to draw by hand it quite looks as undeveloped tool.


i noticed when I create curves don't look "fluid" and natural at all, I can see dots between the lines (connections?), and it's not how it should look like. I did not notice this error in previous version in24. (attaching in photo).



also my files never show up in tolerable quality if I save it manually in jpeg/png (under top quality)....  unless I zoom the drawings, and do a close up PRINT SCREEN which I don't think is the way to do this. The dimensions, scale etc are right so I am not sure why it saves in low quality at all? (attaching photo too).


Your help is appreciated



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