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Archicad 26: Graphic Override Problem

Sheena Marie Tamidle

I created a graphic override for Quality Assurance which rules that any element with "Undefined" Structural Function will be painted in orange and the rest will be transparent . But whenever I go to 3d, everything is transparent even if there one element with undefined structural function. Please see pictures attached.




Please Help! Is this a bug? 'Cuz this has been the graphic override I used for QA since Archicad 25 and I don't know why it is no longer working in Archicad 26.





Sheena Marie Tamidle

I see it worked now. Thank you so much😀

Another piece of GS logic at its best. 🙄

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@DGSketcher wrote:

Another piece of GS logic at its best. 🙄

Incredible, isn't it?  I'd never noticed this before but it makes zero sense to me.  The Help File says this:



Order of rules

Rules in a Graphic Override Combination are applied in the order that they are listed.


If two rules both apply, but can’t be applied simultaneously, then the rule that is higher up applies.


•For example: all plaster walls are blue, and all elements with a Fire Rating of 30 min are red. A wall that fits both of these rules will get the override from the rule that is higher up in the list.

To change the order, drag a rule up and down using the arrows the left edge of its row in the list.

Which states that rules are applied in the order listed (top-down)... BUT as soon as one rule matches, no subsequent rules will be applied to the same element.  So, basically, as @thesleepofreason said, the rules are really applied bottom up - in the opposite order from which they are listed.  Insanity.



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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

This must be a cultural thing - for me, the way the rules are applied and the explanation both make perfect sense.

Archicad goes from top to bottom in the list of Rules. If an element satisfies a Rule's Criteria, then the Rule's Override is applied to it. Then no other Rule in the list is even evaluated for it, since it already has an Override applied to it.

If you think about it, why would you evaluate a Rule's Criteria for an element any more if the element is already Overridden? It is just a waste of time.

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