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Archicad 26 Layers - search function


As a user since Archicad 7.5, I've seen many misteps from Graphisoft (though I still adore the program...).  Never has there been  a change more detrimental to my workflow than the CAD 26 layer search function.  Instead of just hitting the first letter/ number of the layer to shift a selected element to that layer, them more on with the job done, a dialog box now pops up with multiple options for that letter/ number!!  This adds several mouse click steps.  Why change things, to the detriment of tasks done 100 times a day, just to enable new features that would only help a new staff member trying to work out the layer system of a new office.  Staff remember the layers after a week!  This is the only change that has made me question if I really want to stick with Archicad in 20 years.  Is there a way to return this to legacy mode for layers only, without loosing other new features?

Barry Kelly

So I assume you have a long list of layers you have to scroll through.

You type the first letter/number and it jumps to that position in the list, but you may still have to scroll a bit to find the layer you want.

Or you can quickly type 2 or 3 letters to get to a more precise position in the list.


This works well, assuming you do know the first letter/number of the layer name.


The new search will do the same thing.

Except it will narrow down the list to show all layers with that letter/number in it - anywhere in the layer name.

This could be annoying if you want just the layers starting with that letter/number.

I agree with you on that, and as far as I know there is no way to go back to how it was.


However typing 2 or 3 letters will narrow the list down considerably, and unless you have hundreds of layers all similarly named, you should be left with only a few to choose from.


The advantage is if you type something like 'wall', it will find not only layers that start with 'wall', but also layers that have 'wall' anywhere in their name.

I think this is a big advantage.


So the trick I think is not to just type the first letter/number but the first 2 or 3 characters.

And you should be presented with a much smaller list of layers to choose from.


I am speaking as a Windows OS user, MAC has always had different/better search functions I believe.

I also have a very minimal layer list, so it hardly needs to scroll, I see nearly all of my layers anyway and just pick them, so I have never really used the 'type the first character' option.

But I am liking the new search fields.


I'm not so sure about the folder structure, but that is a different topic.

The folders can also be used to group similar layers - shortening your lists, if you can decide what groups you want to put them in.

Yes, you have to click to drill into the folders.

But the search will still find any layer in any folder, which is great.


I really think that after a little while of getting used to this, you will grow to like it.

Especially if you start typing 2 or 3 characters.

But that is just my opinion.



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The layer search facility is a great step forward for AC and the new folders are also a big help. If you are using one of the increasingly recognised classification systems like Uniclass then a single letter would not be sufficient to identify a layer anyway. If a layer system is unstructured then I appreciate it could be a problem. Spend some time with it and learn how to leverage its skill set, it really isn't that bad. I have noticed a speed improvement in my workflow as a consequence of the change.

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