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My favourite (but sad) topic. Attended the National Australian Institute of Architect's conference and Designex in Sydney last week (Designex is probably the largest interior design/building product show in Australia and is held annually in either Sysdney or Melbourne). Revit was there but, alas, no Graphisoft. This is, of course quite normal since Graphisoft believe that customers can be conjured out of thin air from existing users. More serously, Revit told me that Woods Bagot, one of Australia's largest architectural practices, with a humungous number of Archicad licenses, was changing to Revit. I hope that this is untrue because they have made enormous investments in creating templates and GDL objects to suit their practice. Can a better informed AUS AC user can allay my concerns?
Cornelis (Kees) Wegman

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Dwayne wrote:
I worked at woodsbagot London for 3 years, and it was like I had died and went to the bad place evil architects go to burn for eternity.
That sounds bad.
Dwight Atkinson
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Hi Dwayne
Could it have been as bad a place as the Ray Wylie Hubbard song suggests?
Conversations with the Devil.
Lyrics here:
or sample here:
Dwayne wrote:
I worked at woodsbagot London for 3 years.

They use 4 different Cad platforms. excluding the visualisers. It was a disaster.
Well there's a surprise .. thats 3 more than they should have been running.

Dwayne wrote:
The CAD management was dictated by the Australian managers who had no idea about local work environments & trends.
Or managing obviously if they let a situation develop where 4 different CAD packages are being used ... must have been a total nightmare. How do you even train staff in 4 different packages (unless of course you don't much care for flexible resourcing).

Owen Sharp

Design Technology Manager
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RISA Webinar:
Complete Integration Between RISA and Autodesk Revit Structure

when will be seeing this for us
Erika Epstein
When RISA starts being IFC capable. Just yesterday I had this discussion with a structural engineer/architect I know who had archicad for architecture and RISA for structural and they can't bring RISA files in any format into archicad.

Apparently RISA can't even import 3D DWGs or 3DS file types. Perhaps that is changing.
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