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Archicad25: problem with 3d


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have beginner problems. When entering in 3D view, I have covering between sink and kitchen table. Also between fireplace and wall. How to manage this that one object is on fronter layer as other? For 2D view is clear for me, but not for 3D. 

Thanks for help,

Desperate ArchiBo







Gerry Leonor

i don't know why you're doubling your posts, but when it comes to overlapping elements in 3D, you'd want to use Solid Element Operations. in the case of sink & benchtop

  • open Solid Element Operations
  • select the benchtop & click "Add Targets" & deselect
  • select the sink & click "Add Operators" & deselect
  • in "Choose Operation", set it to "Subtraction with Upwards Extrusion"
  • click "Execute"
  • you should now see a hole cut in the benchtop by the sink bowl.

with the first image, i'm guessing that's a fireplace (?), & i'm guessing you'd want some outlines where the glass meets the wall? same operations as with the sink/benchtop. Wall is the Operator, Fireplace is the Target. set the Operation to "Subtraction". Execute.

AC25 | Win10 | 64 bit | 16Gb RAM |Intel i7 8700 @ 3.20Ghz

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