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Auto-text within notes in ArchiCAD

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Plotmaker assigns a code to each quickview placed in Plotmaker. Then it uses a code to assign different forms of autotext. A code, like <DRAWINGNUMBER>, followed by the code for the quickview, which looks something like <E653KT2-W310KA-13KD-AH82-3990K2347LAD>. If you copy that code to ArchiCAD, whenever you bring that piece of text back into Plotmaker, plotmaker translates it to what the code represents. Here are detailed instructions on how to do it. And/or simply look at the picture.
  • 1) Line number 31 is referencing the wrong detail. But instead of just changing the number in ArchiCAD, I'm going to illustrate how to fix it so any time you move that detail to another layout or renumber the detail, it will change on line number 31.
    2) First we need to go to Plotmaker and find out the code for the quickview we are referencing. I already have that detail set up so I go find it in the navigator. Right click and select Set as Drawing Reference.
    3) Now we need to create the text so we can get the code.
    Select the text tool.
    Left click once in the drawing area.
    Right click outside the text box and select Insert Autotext for "whatever".
    Then pick what type of autotext you want.
    I have two Drawing Number and Layout Number, separated by a " / ". Look at step 4 and 4b to see what it looks like.
    4) Select the text block, highlight the code and copy it to the clipboard.
    5) Now go to ArchiCAD and delete where the reference number was. I am going to create a new all-by-itself text block for the reference code. Simply paste the code. Not pretty is it?
    6) That's okay, cause when we insert or update that view in Plotmaker it looks fantastic!
Is all this trouble worth it? That depends on how likely you are to be moving details around. If you do move details from layout to layout or renumber them you will probably want to do this. If you don't move them around once they are placed then maybe you would rather ArchiCAD didn't have all of those codes all over the place. It's up to you. But at least now we can (sort of) have some automation in this.

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