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Bend ceiling


I want to make some curvy shapes on a roof. 
Round shapes from above (I've succeeded in that). 
But from the side I want to bend the roof so that it bends down in a round shape (I haven't managed to do that myself).


I also want to put the pieces together into one, since there are currently two of them. Does it work?


With the Shell Tool. 



ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
MacOS Monterey

Hi, that is exactly what I want to accomplish.
Unfortunately, I don't understand how to do it.


I'm also unable to turn a line/curved line into "Shell" but I've previously succeeded when turning a curved line into roof/morph (se picture).


Is there any possibility for someone to explain how to do it?

Hi, it's not so difficult with the Shell Tool.

First in plan view draw your plan shape and the section curve you want with lines, circles or polylines. Refer to example below for Element to consider that will define your Shell.


 Set the Shell Tool geometrical Option to by Revolution and the detailed input method.

Shell Tool.jpg

Then magic wand the curve section to define it and clic the 2 points that define the rotation axis.

The result in 3D, sections C, 1 and plan for my example is as below.

Résultat intermédiaire 3D.jpg

Résultat intermédiaire coupe C.jpg

Résultat intermédiaire coupe 1.jpg


Résultat intermédiaire plan.jpg

 You now have to define the Shell contour.

Définir contour de coque.jpg

 And the final result:

Résultat 3D.jpg

Résultat coupe C.png

Résultat coupe 1.jpg

Résultat plan.jpg


ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
MacOS Monterey

Hi, Unfortunately it was too difficult to make/simulate the model with the Shell Tool.


I manage to move an object/model with morph.
What I don't succeed in is making the curve round/like an arc (see image).

On the diagonal, i.e.

Hi, it's difficult to curve that type of morph afterward, you shoud better use Bolean operations.

Restart from your object, convert it to Morph, then use curved walls for example that matcht the curves you want to follow. Make them higth and thick enought to cover all unwanted part. Substract the resulting walls from your Morph with Solid Element Operation. Finally convert the resulr another time to Morph. You can now delete the walls.


You can realy try to create it with the Shell tool, it's not so difficult.

Advantage wood be ability to connect Shell with other Element like Walls and to apply a composite to a Shell.

Coque composite.png

ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
MacOS Monterey

Ok, thanks for trying to explain.
I can't manage to make arc/lines to Shell.
But wondering if you can draw a "Shell" (see picture) and then turn it?
In that case, I have to "fill" my Shell.

You can freely rotate a Shell in 3D.

But to create the type of Shell you need see my second answer.

In your image the Shell you create is an Extrusion, you need to create one by Revolution.

You choose the type in the geometrical options of the Tool.

The simplest way to create the curves you need for your Shell is to draw them with circles or polyline in the plan view (see my second answer). The magic Wand (space bar + clic) on the curve will define it for the Shell.

ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
MacOS Monterey

Regarding the 2nd post, I failed as I make the model from more than one line.


I keep trying.


I can make a "polyline" with only one line, so I don't have to put them together as I asked in the last post.


Nothing seems to happen when I try to make "Magic wand"/to shell on my polyline (nothing visible in 3D).


And if I draw in 3D with shell it often disappears when I´m done and do/press something else.

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