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Blue Node & Tracker


i was able to place a door a few minutes ago and now trying to place another door on the other side of the wall. i select my door element, hover over the intersection of wall for temporary blue circle, or if i use Q, to appear and move to the direction of distance needed to key-in using the tracker. for some odd reason the tracker refuses to pop-up.

Archicad 27 (3001 USA Full Intel Based MAC)
Sonoma 14.4.1
Barry Kelly

You have probably just turned the tracker off.

I am not sure where (if) it is in the menus, as i have a custom Work Environment and have it in one of my tool bars.

Icon looks like this ...





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thank you Barry and the icon does show on my end like yours. i did notice yesterday that it was only happening when trying to place a door? when i would draw a line or any other drafting element it would show. still learning...

Archicad 27 (3001 USA Full Intel Based MAC)
Sonoma 14.4.1