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Can't find socket and switch symbols I need in AC library


Hi ! I Cant find sockets in library, there are some but looks like they all are unfinished for me

I need symbols like those one on picture.


Also I can't customize the ones AC have, What I'm missing? 

Can I somehow customize existing ones under my needs ? 


P.S. for example the "red" one is good but lacks that top line that indicates number of sockets in a socket group 


lib socket2.png

Or that "green" one have that top line but it indicates the socket that doesn't sits inside a wall

in other words need to have ability customize, by the way why not have customizable one or two symbols instead of having dozens of different variations of those ?



Hello @kosta ,


If you want 2D elements you are able to do your own easily.

1  - Draw it
2 - Do a selection around it
3 - Documentation/Annotation/Create a patch
You have created you first own 2D object


If you want to modify it :

1  - Select it
2 - File/Library and Object/Open Object


Your 2D is into 2D Symbol tab.
Modify it and save it.

Christophe - FRANCE
Archicad Designer and Teacher
Archicad 15 to 26 FRA FULL

OS 11.6 Big Sur - MacBook Pro 2015 - 16Go RAM
"Quality is never an accident ; it's always the result of an intelligent effort" John Ruskin


Hello @Christophe Fortineau It does the job and of course that's the solution in that case but I was talking about automation for some frequently used symbols like electricity symbols in general, for sink for example there are lots of lines to tweak like in wizard mode but here have to do manually, thanks for help !   

Frank Harper

The German Subscription Service ArchicaRd offers smart gdl sockets and light switches to add into the library.


AC 4.55 -


@Frank Harper Thanks for contribution. But I preffer to have one workable in AC, I solved that by creating those symbols manually. When you have hell of a parameters for closets and shelves and have no customizable sockets and switches this is very profound.

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