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Complex Profiled Walls

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Good Morning
i am running Archicad 16 Can someone please explain how i can place several materials On one Complex wall profile

Karl Ottenstein
You do it by editing the profile itself. Mouse down on the edge for which you want to change the extruded material - and select from the pet palette to change the properties of that edge. See Help for editing Profiles.
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Thanks Karl, I have been reviewing the editing profiles and i feel i am missing something, when i edit the material on the skin the entire profile changes. Under archicad Help It shows a editing Tool bar and a Custom Edge Settings Box, I am getting neither one of those items, I know it must be a setting but i cant seem to locate it, any suggestions?

Working in the Complex Profile Editing window, of course.
Dwight Atkinson

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Thanks Karl
I found some of your earlier post and realized I cut and pasted my complex wall into the profile manager and that does not work. Once i imported it correctly. It worked great

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