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Copy and Paste issues from one project to another

Ivan Myers
I'm trying to copy some drafting lines from a Worksheet in one project that has a scale of 1'=1' to another worksheet in another open project that has the same scale. The problem is that when I past them over they are micro size, in other words way out of scale. What am I doing wrong? I've tried copying and pasting other elements from a plan into another plan and that works fine. I've also tried publishing a drawing sheet as a PDF and then brining it in to the worksheet and its still way out of scale. I've tried publishing a DWG and importing it and still not the proper size. I could just redraw the lines but I just want the thing to work.
Thanks for any help.
Designer/ Drafter

ArchiCAD 26 on 27" Mac

I have no problem doing this. When you say the lines a "micro size" does that mean they just look smaller upon pasting? Or do they rescale to a different size when you actually measure them. It's possible that this is just an issue with zooming. (Zoom to fit window immediately after pasting.) Or maybe you are inadvertently using 1'=1' vs 1"=1', say.
Richard Morrison, Architect-Interior Designer
AC25 (since AC6.0), Win10

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