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Core of load bearing elements - windows do not have contours in section view

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Archicad 21.
So I have to generate a couple of section views of the core of load bearing elements display.
I have the section made as follows:
1. c. of load bearing elements turned on
2. windows are turned off in 3D filter elements
3. I changed the fill of surfaces to grey. Just to see where the contours should be.

Everything works, only the openings made by the windows do not generate contours (I cannot even snap to them). I attached a printscreen. The red lines are the contours I should be having because of the windows. The contours that are generated are generally because some solid element operations that I needed.

What could be the problem?

Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

I cannot see what kind of tab is open in that screenshot, but from context I am guessing it is a Section View. In that case, the visibility of Windows/Doors is not controlled by the 3D filter, but the MVO (the 3D Filter is for when you are making 3D documents of the same view).

If that is so, then I think this might be your problem:

This issue is registered in our system (as #224959), but is not yet fixed. Until we manage to fix it, it should show the outlines properly as long as you use "Core Only" instead of "Core of Load-Bearing Elements Only", and hide the non-loadbearing elements by layer. I hope this solves your issue for the time being.

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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