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Creating a curved wall to sit against each wall section

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I'm currently working on a project which involves creating a slight slant on a 90 degree curved wall. As each wall section has a different radius it means that at each join the radius of the circle differs. I've tried complex profiling which hasn't worked for me (I don't know if my approach may have been wrong 😕 ). I've also tried curtain walling however it seems I can only achieve the correct radius to one side of the wall. I've also tried to work out whether or not to do it in a mesh (however I can't seem to find any tutorials on how to achieve these results!)

Sorry if this isn't quite making 100% sense however I've included an image to demonstrate the predicament I'm in

Any help I would be very grateful for! Thanks
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It looks to me that profiled walls are the way to accomplish this. To achieve the various dome radii you will need different profiles. Make sure that they don't cross at the top. It may also be easier to stack the profiles using one for the curved/sloped part and another for the dome/top (with different profiles for different conditions of course).