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Creating opening with framing



I'm using Archicad 22. Currently, trying to make wall opening with adjustable size ( height and width) and automatic framing in it. Framing should be made from steel.

2 colums on opening sides ( which must be taken from standart steel profile base, rectangular hollow ones).

On top should be c/u welded together beams (which must be taken from standart steel profile base).

Is it possible to do it somehow ? 

Adding pic of what I have in mind 










@Vitalijus It can be done with GDL programming, beams & columns, the Curtain Wall tool or possibly even Param-O. I think there is also a framing object in the downloadable add-ons, although I never saw the results I needed. It depends on your expectations. I have developed similar objects for a timber frame company in GDL so I know it can be done. It is also a steep learning curve to cover all the possible variations. If this is a limited oneoff project you could start with columns & beams in groups or possibly using modules (if you can manage the inevitable attribute issues 🙄).

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Hello Vitalijus,


You just have to put a door without leaf.

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