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Curtain Wall - How to create a closed CW


Hi everyone!

I'm new to this forum.

I have one problem understanding the Curtain Wall tool in Archicad. I have a floor completely surrounded by a curtain wall so I choose the polygonal insertion mode. When I'm going to close the polygon (a rectangle), profiles don't close nicely. I would have expected a junction like the other ones in the other angles but the beginning and the end of the curtain wall don't close. What could I do to resolve this situation? Searching the internet I didn't find any work out of this problem. Attached you'll find a general image of the whole curtain wall, and a close-up of the start/end of the curtain wall.
Thank you in advance for your patience.


Immagine 2022-01-10 141437.jpgImmagine 2022-01-10 141354.jpg


create a boundary frame that is 1/2 of the mullion/transom profile. Draw you curtainwall reference line in a counter-clockwise direction and start the pattern somewhere in the middle of one side - not at a corner. Counterclockwise will assist in correctly setting the corners and stating at a mid-point will make all four corners behave.

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