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Curtain Wall Scheme not editable in Section


- Is there a solution as to why I sometimes can´t edit the scheme grid of a curtain wall in a section/elevation? I have two separate curtain walls (lets say A and B) visible in one section, and I can edit the scheme of Element A but not that of element B. The curtain walls are not parallel to each other.

Also depending on what angle I draw the section in relation to the Curtain Walls, I can sometimes edit the scheme grid of A (when section line parallel to A) and sometimes of B (when section line parallel to B), but I am never able to edit the scheme of both Curtain Walls in the same section.

- I can edit a scheme grid of a curtain wall even when the section line is not parallel to that curtain wall, so that brings down the theory that in order to edit a scheme the section/elevation needs to be parallel to it.

I was able to solve my problem by creating different sections and partly on 3D, but is this normal, am I doing something wrong? 

Thank you for your time beforehand!


Andrii Levko

Oddly, two different Curtain walls can be edited on one section. But you have to edit one by one.
Of course, this is not possible unless you choose Exit Edit Mode.

AC 8.1 - 25 INT/POL 5010
Win11 | Ryzen 5600 | 16 GB | GTX 1650

There seems as there are two different selection methods to the scheme itself wich I can´t find how it works or how to select one or another. 

Example: same Curtain Wall same Section I can one time edit the scheme line (the blue outler line) and grid (add new points to the scheme line or move the grid up or down as a whole or just one grid line), and sometimes it will select the scheme but wont let me add new points or move the edges (of the blue scheme line), its like the curtain wall is frozen or protected from editing, in this selection mode its also impossible to move just one grid line, you either move the whole grid or not, I dont get the small menu where I can pick between one grid line or the whole grid.

Either way if its a bug its a strange one to have.

I think I found the problem. In section there isnt really a solution to either select the scheme line (2-Purple) or the Curtain Wall line (1-Red) thats why I dont get the edit options I was looking for. This is only possible to edit in 3D or the section line must not be parallel to the curtain wall in order to edit the scheme ´´line´´.

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