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Curtain wall, window, floor plan representation and related zones


Hi everybody

I'm testing the facade-tool (curtain wall) and can't fix some points:

- 2D-opening line of a window in the floor plan

- the window don't know the relation to the room, it takes the relation from the hole curtain wall

Some ideas to fix that?

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

Can you show some screenshots of the exact situation?

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gs-model: showing situation in the model

gs-floor: which line we want to see in the floor plan (opening line of the window)

gs-fixpoint: no intelligent measure possible for the columns inside the facade, because there are no fixpoints, only at the end of the facade

gs-related zone: If you've a facade and inside many zones, the window doesn't know the related zone, it take one zone for every element.


Thank you for your support;)

gs-model.pnggs-floor.pnggs-fixpoint.pnggs-related zone.png

the related zone is working now, have a look at this video