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Curve corner in Curtain Wall? How?

William Yan

Hey guys, I am modeling a new project. There is a curtain wall which corner is arc. as shown in the pic below. But how can I make this curtain wall corner to be an arc, not like straight line. Thank you !


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Barry Kelly

You can't make a curved frame unfortunately (unless something has changed that I don't know about).

All you can do is add many nodes for small straight segments that will appear like a curve.


If you look at the 3D of any curved element in Archicad, you will see it is actually made up of many straight segments.



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@William Yan If you want a better shape of the curtain wall's corner, make a copy of it and convert the copy into a morph and hide the original. Use the appropriate palette of the morph tool to shape the corner as you want. You should need a section first to draw the guideline of this corner using the morph tool pen. 

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William Yan


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@William Yan Form your curtain wall with a square corner. Model the curved frame part as a separate element with the same profile as the boundary frame using a beam. Convert the beam to a Morph. Rotate in 3D and place where required. Use Solid Element Operations to subtract the beam with upward extrusion.

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Or use the Shell 25 object to create the curved boundary frame (then use SEO to subtract with upwards extrusion).



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