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Custom brick facade


Hi, I would like to create a custom facade wall made out of bricks that looks like the attached image, could you give me any suggestions how could I do it? Thank you in advance! 


There are various ways. I would create a new layer with a different intersection priority number and either use pieces of wall of pieces of slab to create the elements. I’ve done it this way for vertical rockpanel cladding in various colours and also for projecting header brick detailing. 

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A similar (although recessed) problem was discussed here just the other day.

Similar solutions will apply - you just won have to subtract with Solid Element Operation.



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You can even try to achieve something similar with the Curtain Wall tool. If you need it on small scale, this is the easiest to handle, though, on large scale it can slow down your work.

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You could also model the unit that is repeating (3+1 bricks). You could model them using Slabs or Walls or Columns or Beams, save it as a Library Part, then place many instances as needed. You may have issues at the Wall ends though because of the shifting of the unit at different levels. For that, you could actually save multiple versions of the Unit as Library Parts to account for all 4 possible Wall End scenarios.

You could also model such a unit using Multi-segment Beams and place those.

You might even be able to model them using the Railing Tool, you would just have to define the repeating pattern properly.

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Thank you very much for plenty suggestions, it worked using walls modelled as 3+1 pattern and then saved as a Library object, and then I placed a lot of instances. In the meantime, I tried creating the same thing using curtain wall tool, and I managed as well, but since there are so many instances, both Library objects of 3+1 wall tools and Curtain wall tools, the project is running really slow, I can barely navigate. I placed them on a separate layers so I turn off the layers when I don't need them to show while I'm working on something else, but I am wondering how to reduce the size of the file, since I am afraid this will cause serious problems to my computer which is not so strong. Should I save the whole facade that I created with those two tools as one Library object? Would that reduce the size of the file? Thank you in advance!

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