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Default Wall Intersection Priority

The intersection of two walls with the same building material priority can be controlled by using Junction Order - but what determines the default behaviour? Is there a way to draw/modell such that a certain wall get priority over another?


Barry Kelly

I think it is just which ever wall is drawn first is the dominant one.



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Yes, draw order seem to be the fundamental determinant but 

  • a thicker wall gets prioritized over a thinner wall
  • a wall always has priority in any intersection between the nodes of the reference line

I was hoping for something to do with how the reference lines are connected so that the intersection could easily be changed after the elements are created. Junction order is a bit cumbersome just to get a desired intersection of two walls.

Junction Order in the Info Box can be turned on in your Work Environment and positioned near the beginning of the palette, so you can see it at a glance or change it.

Favorites can store the Junction Order along with the other wall settings, so you can start with the default you want.

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