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Deleting and Educational License


Hi need some help.

Currently working in a practice with a full working commercial licence of Archicad (6 seats to be precise). One of our machines was used by an student as part of their work experience who used their own educational licence. I'm now trying to use the machine and Archicad constantly reverts to the EDU licence rather then taking one of the free commercial seats (opens older versions fine). 


Any tips on how to permanently delete the EDU licence from the machine?


Currently Running Archicad 25 2013 Build on Mac Big Sur.


@lightfoot9030 I would guess the EDU version was installed after the commercial version and modified the defaults on which application to run etc. See if reinstalling the commercial version flips things around. The Dock icon should also point to the appropriate version of the software. You could potentially have two dock icons, one EDU the other Commercial or there may only be the EDU one?

Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)

Thanks @DGSketcher I managed to solve the issue by navigating to: users/shared/Archicad/AC_xx_xxx/ and deleting the EDU licence in the folder. This seemed to put everything back to normal without having to reinstall or have multiple versions on the machine.

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