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Dome construction

Polar Bear



Are there any tricks to create an accurate masonry dome?  we have managed to create something but it's very hard to get it accurate.



Screen Shot 2022-09-17 at 11.23.15.png

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Mahmoud Qenawi

Which tool you use? If shell tool I believe you can get the desired result, try to use revolved shell and use 3D Cutting Planes to adjust its edges in 3D view, you can make a sectional view that will help you handle your element.

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I assume from the profile faceting 🙄 that you are trying to use the shell tool?


Have you considered creating the dome with a Complex Profile having the origin near the dome seat. You could then use the beam or wall tool to join two semi circular arcs. It may not eliminate the faceting without additional profile points, but it should resolve the seat angle / detail.   

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