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Doors appear to be cut in 3D view.


In this file, there are many solid elements operations concerning the site terrain and some between walls and false ceilings, but not on the walls the doors belong to. The file size is 650 MB.
Any explanation for this? SEO is not the case here (the walls would be cut too). I've also cleared all connections.

I tried this: I copied/pasted this floor's walls to a new fresh .pln file (Screenshot 2023-09-21 171103.png).
I deleted all layers and moved the walls to the Archicad layer. Now there are only these walls and NO solid element operations at all but they still look the same! They look OK on the Door selection settings dialog box and on a door schedule but not in 3D views...
I fixed one of them by deleting it and placing it again. But there are 49 doors on this floor alone (it's a tedious job) and besides, there's no guarantee that this problem will not occur again if I don't address the cause of the problem...
It's strange but only my doors look cut in 3d views, NOT the windows!
And it happens only in the basement (floor -1).
Thank you
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Screenshot 2023-09-21 155754.png


Screenshot 2023-09-21 165918.png


Screenshot 2023-09-21 171103.png



Maybe try this: select all doors in the 3d view and delete them.  Then just do undo, normally it will redraw everything correctly.

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Thnx. No, it doesn't work. I've tried that.



It is possible to CROP to a single plane roof. The effect is permanent and unlike SEO the roof doesn't need to be present. Not sure why you have so many different cuts, but select your cropped doors etc and then right-click for the context menu and select "Undo all crops".



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Thank you. That did it! It was very simple finally. I was working on door schedules a couple of days ago (sliding doors, and hinged doors) and I noticed this today. The cut appeared without having cropped these doors by any roof! 

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