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Downloading rfas to create gdl objects


This is my first visit so be patient. I am attempting to download a revit family of chairs into Archicad 22 and save them as gdl objects. When I look in the folder RECENT FILES I can see the file I downloaded from the vendor's website "Chair-Hussey-Quattro-Revit_2020_1". But when I am in Archicad and go to Files, Libraries and objects, Import RFA as GDL Object, Downloads, the file is NOT in that Downloads folder. It will not allow me to go to RECENT FILES to find it. Is it because it is a Zip file or is there a step I skipped when I downloaded it from the vendor? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!




Dave Seabury

unzip it and it should work.



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Hello walkinthepark,


Do you try Archicad library chairs ? Or these :

Importing a model from outside and transform into a gsm object is not an optimized process because Archicad will translate a modelisation into different scripts (heavier than native object).

I invite you to consider the principle of library objects for European BIM design software (Allplan, VectorWorks, Archicad) : very light and extremely parametric objects, much more than an RFA file. A gsm or a lcf file are even more than modelisations. Your workflow will be better with native Archicad object.

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