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Drag/Stretch horizontally not working after updating to cad23

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Just yesterday, my office updated the ArchiCad from 21 to 23 and started to notice that we can not drag or stretch doors and windows on a wall while in 3d viewport.

The only way to get it working is while we are trying to stretch or drag an element such as window, we have to press horizontal (grid and editing plane options or Shift + E).

Is this a new 'feature' to specify the plane that users are working in? Or is there a preference setting somewhere that can revert?

Edit. Interesting finding. When first opened Archicad 23 for the first time, editing plane display was on, and it was covering the 3d view of the model, so we immediately turned it off. I found that turning it back on and off again fixes this issue; I can stretch and drag windows and doors like it was back in cad21. I don't know if this is a bug or there is some setting that I am entirely misunderstanding, if anyone can shed some light on the matter, it would be much appreciated.

Edit2. Nevermind, it didn't fix anything.

We have the same issue after upgrading to AC23.

I have logged this with our Graphisoft support team, and they have notified they have replicated the bug, and since raised it officially with the development team. We are being kept in the loop on an update/fix; I will post back here when I hear further.
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